ground floor 5th Avenue Photography - photostudio and studio to rent from photographer Michael Diehl, Esslingen near Stuttgart, Germany

The studio in Esslingen, located in an old factory building, has a production surface of 2 x 110 m2 on the ground and 1st floor. It also offers im-pressive spots and sites for outside shots just in front of the factory and in the backyard behind the building.

There is a 8 x 10 m photography area with orthogonal infinity curve on the 1st floor (with heavy-duty lift right up to the doors), where space and furni-ture of both floors allow inside shots to be taken. Ideal for fashion, beauty, advertising and stills. The studio is located right next to FUNDUS, THE place for stylists.

Basic equipment: Orthogonal infinity curve with a length of 6 x 3 m, height 3.20 m, ceiling rail with trolley and shears for background lighting and spotlight. HENSEL light system with: - 4 x 500 Expert C - 2 x 1000 Expert C - 1 x Spotlight 3000 with Gobos and Effect glass - 1 x Maxi Flooder 3000 - 1 Linea 3000 AS (3 flash outlets) - IR flash shutter release - various soft boxes, accessories and small parts, autopole with 3 x spindle holders for background paper, Foba system, wind and smoke machine.

Beside the studio area itself, there is an office with 2 desks, several telephones, a fax machine, PC, Mac G5 and Powerbook 17" as well as an intimate conference area, a well-equipped kitchen, a bar and a large dining area. Models changing room with large clothes stands and separate make-up area (for four models), small storage room, shower, 2 WCs.

3 parking lots in front of the studio and further parking facilities nearby.

The studio can also be rented: Daily rates (8.30 am - 6.00 pm) including basic equipment with light but without personnel: EURO 350,-. All prices plus VAT if not invoiced to a foreign company.

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