Fifth Avenue photo and advertising productions in Cape Town, South Africa with photographer Michael Diehl

Cape Town, a unique, beautiful, vivacious and wonderfully colourful city of over 2 million inha-bitants between two oceans. It is the leading city of the fashion and advertising industry in a unique and beautiful country: South Africa.

Cape Town‘s spectacular locations can easily be reached within a radius of approx. 50 km. What awaits you are jagged, high mountain ranges which shimmer in a blue haze, a landscape with its gently rising hills and luxuriant deep green valleys starkly contrasting barren as well as semi-arid sand dunes and white, untouched beaches welcoming a warm blue sea.

The modern architecture of the city with its sky-scrapers in steel and glass, reflecting the light, allow the historical Victorian and colourful Malayan houses to barely peek out from below.

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